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Current and Voltage Transformers
We can supply a wide range of both current and voltage transformers for both low and medium voltages. The selection shown below is only a small part of our full range; please contact us with your exact requirements.

Click here for details of core-balance current transformers and phase-shifting current transformers designed to work with specific CEE relays. 
Low-Voltage Core-Balance CTs (CBCTs)
Current transformers moulded in self-extinguishing resin for the measurement of AC currents from 50A to 60kA. With inner diameters between 106mm and 500mm, these transformers are often used on bushings of power transformers or in generators' bushing insulators. Both indoor and outdoor versions are available, with the outdoor version being supplied with a weatherproof terminal box.
Low-Voltage Current Transformers
Moulded case current transformers for the measurement of AC currents up to 3kA, with inner diameters from 15mm to 80mm. They are made from a non-flammable material and have heavy insulation. They are equipped as standard with EA-type mounting brackets. 
LV Single-Phase Voltage Transformers
Single phase VTs
Low voltage transformers for the measurement of AC voltages up to 2kV. Protected construction with unbreakable bushing insulators; suitable for indoor use. 
Medium Voltage Current Transformers
Current transformers for the measurement of AC currents from 40A to 8kA. This low-cost range couples a low voltage CT with an insulating epoxy tube. Rated for use up to 17.5kV with a thermal rating up to 600In.
Single-Phase 1-pole MV Voltage Transformers
Single-pole voltage transformer vacuum moulded in self-extinguishing epoxy resin for the measurement of AC voltages between phase and earth up to 50kV/√3. This range is also suitable for the power supply of auxiliary circuits up to 5000VA.