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AP900 Series of arc detection relays
AP900 relay
The AP900 series comprises a range of arc detection relays designed to work either alone or as part of an interlinked arc detection system.  Use AP900 relays to protect your LV or MV switchgear against electric arcs in cable compartments, busbar chambers and other vulnerable areas.  Some relays in this series are equipped with ultra-fast semiconductor outputs for the fastest possible trip time (2ms)

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Some relays in the AP900 series use the same point sensor light detectors as the NP900 series. However, some AP900 relays employ fibre loop sensors for detecting the light produced by an electric arc over a wide area.  Similar to the NP900 arc detection system, AP900 arc detectors may be set to trip on light only, light and overcurrent, light and pressure, or light, pressure and overcurrent. Please contact us if you would like advice on which arc detection technologies are best suited to your system. 

Click here for detailed explanations of the arc detection technologies employed by the NP900 and AP900 relays. 

CEE also offers the UTU Falcon arc detection system which uses UTU's own point sensors for detecting light.  Note that these sensors are of a different type to the AP900 / NP900 sensors and should only be used with Falcon base units. 
For a general overview of AP900 relays, download the 
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