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Support for CEE Relay Products
This page is intended for users of CEE protection relay products who need advice and support.  See below for some Frequently Asked Questions, advice on how to identify CEE (and ICE group) brands, plus some general advice on installing CEE products. 
If you need Commissioning Instructions, Wiring Diagrams or other information on CEE products, then please contact us and we will be happy to help. 
CEE Relays Ltd can also offer on-site commissioning and testing services for products old and new.
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Is it a CEE product?
CEE Relays Ltd has been operating in the UK for over 30 years and sells products with the following brand names:
CEE (formerly known as Compagnie Continentale d'Equipements Electriques) is known throughout the world for its high-quality electronic protection relays. Although it was originally established by G.E.C., we cannot offer support for old G.E.C. products.
ICE Protection & Control is CEE Relays's sister company.  Both companies share a production facility and certain CEE products may also be marked with the ICE logo.  
TECHNIREL is another of CEE Relays's sister companies.  It specialises in Generator protection and control products.  CEE Relays Ltd sells Technirel products in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 
WM Shakeshaft sold CEE products in the UK before CEE Relays Ltd was established.  Protection relays bearing this name often have the "CEE France" logo as well.  CEE Relays Ltd can still offer support for the majority of these products; please contact us for more information. 
General Advice: Relays with Plug-in Bases
Many CEE Relays products are fitted with a standardised plug-in base design (also known as "R-Case").  This design comes in one of four standard widths (designated R1 - R4).  Bases may come with between 1 and 3 contact blocks, depending on how many terminals are required by the relay.  The image on the right shows the largest size of R-Case relay and base (R4) with three contact blocks. 

There are a number of things to note about testing and replacing relays which use the R-Case design:
The image on the left shows the back of a relay (R4 size).  The terminals are in three long strips which connect to a matching base.  

When testing, test leads ("banana-plug" leads) should not be connected directly to these terminals.  Doing so will weaken the contact between the relay and its base and will invalidate the warranty of both. 

For in-situ testing, CEE can offer special test plugs for the connection of test equipment. 

Do you need an installation guide for "R-Case" relays including dimensions, cut-out sizes and locations of mounting holes?  
PDF, 8.3Mb
There are some additional points to be aware of when replacing relays of the R-Case design:
  • Some relay bases have built-in shorting links which short out CT connections whenever the relay is removed from the panel.  Therefore, relays must be fitted with the correct base to ensure that shorting links are in the correct places. Relays of the same size may require different bases, so it is as well to check the required type before replacing one type of relay with another. 
  • CEE Relays Ltd recommends replacing relay bases whenever a new relay is installed, even if it is replacing an identical relay. This ensures good contact between the relay and its base. 
  • Relays from CEE must only be fitted to bases supplied by CEE. 
  • Some later relays, particularly those in the NP800 series require extra connectors for communication ports in addition to the plug-in terminals of the R-Case.  Therefore care must be taken when installing or removing these relays from the panel, since these extra connectors must be fixed separately. 
CEE Relays Ltd can also supply blanking plates to cover gaps in relay mounting racks, new racks and relay bases.  Please contact us if you would like more information. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Still can't find what you are looking for?  
CEE Relays can offer advice on applications, maintenance and testing of CEE products and has a large archive of product brochures and commissioning manuals (even for some obsolete products).  Please contact us for more information.