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Automatic Relay Test Programs
If you have purchased some of our test equipment, you may wish to improve the efficiency of your relay testing and maintenance regime with a customised test program.  All ISA test sets come with the powerful Test and Data Management Software (TDMS) for controlling test sets, taking measurements and recording results.  CEE can write automatic test programs specific to the relays in your system and pre-programmed with the pass and fail criteria.  

There are many advantages to using customised programs: 
  • The input data screens match the way that the relay is actually set. 
  • Settings can be saved with the program, so that any accidental changes to the relay's settings will be picked up. 
  • The customised program includes information about the particular relay, including connection details and what to do in the event of a failure. 
  • Test reports can also be customised to be produced in a format that you require. 
  • Graphical presentation includes relay's tolerance.
We can write secondary injection test programs for any manufacturer's relay including:
  • Our own protection relays
  • ABB relays REF, REG, REM, RET (and other models)
  • Eaton relays EDR, EGR, EMR, ETR (and other models)
  • GEC Multilin relays
  • Schneider MiCOM and MIDOS series
  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories' SEL- series
  • Siemens ARGUS relays (formerly sold under the Reyrolle brand)
  • Siemens SIPROTEC series

Please Contact us for more information.
Relay Testing Services
Using our latest state-of-the-art test-sets together with the latest test programs we can visit your site to carry out routine or commissioning testing of your relays. Full test results will be provided upon completion of the testing, together with any recommendations for further testing and/or remedial action.  We use the same ISA test equipment listed in the Test Equipment page. 

Contact us to discuss your testing requirements. 
At CEE Relays Ltd., we offer a number of different courses, which can be tailored to your, or your customers', requirements. 
Training courses that we have run in the past include:

Relay Maintenance and Testing Courses: 
Usually starting off with a morning's Introduction to Relay Application course, this course is aimed at Technicians who want to gain experience in testing relays and achieve a basic understanding in the choice and operation of different types of relays. 

Using Automatic Test-Sets: 
As well as running a Maintenance and Testing course, we also run courses aimed to help people use our latest, state-of-the-art automatic test sets (ISA test equipment) and to use the programs that we have written to test any relay manufactured by any manufacturer (see Automatic Relay Test Programs, above).
Power*Tools for Windows (PTW) Courses: 
We can run courses in SKM's PTW software (SKM System Analysis Software) that last anything from half a day to four days. Further details are provided here.

Relay Application Courses:  
We can run a Relay Application Course as stand-alone course, although it is normally incorporated in one of the other courses (above). This course covers the theory behind the selection and setting of modern protection relays. 
Power System Modelling
As part of our support service for SKM's Power*Tools for Windows (PTW), we can verify any power system models you have created in PTW.  We can also create models and perform studies on your behalf.  Click here for more information.