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Relays for Railway and Tramway Applications
DDL800 relay
A complete range of digital multi-function protective devices providing an 
efficient monitoring of either high speed or conventional train networks. 
We can offer dedicated solutions for managing networks and protecting transformers or catenaries against electrical faults.
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General features of all Railway Protection relays:
  • Complete set of protective functions for specific applications
  • Measurement and on-screen display of electrical values 
  • Event log 
  • Maintenance features 
  • Use the SMARTsoft Software for setting and commissioning 
  • Local and remote communication interfaces 
  • Disturbance recording 
  • Self diagnostics
Railway protection in the NP800 range
The following relays are part of the NP800 range.  Unlike the rack-mounted relays below they are more compact and are available with MODBUS TCP (Ethernet) communication as an alternative to the MODBUS serial (RS485) protocol.   
Power swing detection for AC railway networks
PDF, 1.8Mb
Fault locator for AC catenaries (conventional networks or those with autotransformers)
PDF, 1.9Mb
Multi-function protection for AC catenaries including distance protection.  This is a more modern equivalent to the PDZIN1 (below).
PDF, 2.1Mb
Other Railway protection relays 
DC Line Fault detector for catenary wires on DC transmission networks (including railways)
PDF, 0.9Mb
Differential protection for two- (NPDT620) or three-winding transformers (NPDT630) with vector compensation.
PDF, 4.0Mb
Multi-function protection for AC catenaries including distance protection.  Similar to the PDZI800 (see above) but with additional features including resilience against de-icing current and an integrated fault locator. 
PDF, 3.4Mb
Protection for traction group transformers (including Scott-type) with backup protection for catenaries. 
PDF, 2.1Mb