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Arc Detection Products from CEE
CEE has expanded its range of arc detection products to exploit new technologies.  The cornerstone of our range is the AP900 system; a complete series of modular arc detection products designed to work in harmony to protect your electrical network.  On this page you can find a complete range of products and services from CEE to keep your staff and equipment safe from arc flash incidents. 
What is an electric arc?  Read more here.
Could your company benefit from an arc detection system?  See our helpful summary.
Do you need a protection relay with its own built-in arc detection system?  You need an NP900 relay
Which parts of my network need arc detection?
If your power system has never been analysed for arc flash energy, you may want to consider an arc flash study from CEE.  We can create a computer model of your network and calculate how much energy could be released at each major switchboard or item of equipment.  CEE can also recommend changes to your existing overcurrent protection settings to reduce the amount of energy that could be released by an electric arc. 

Sometimes existing overcurrent protective devices won't provide adequate protection from an arc; this is when you need an arc detection system.  On critical infrastructure you may also wish to consider arc detection as a backup in the event that other protective devices operate too slowly.
Arc flash in a switchboard
With the Power*Tools for Windows software you can model your own electrical network and perform studies yourself.  Read more here
Which arc detection technologies are best for my system?
The AP900 series of arc detectors and the NP900 series of protection relays use a variety of arc detection technologies.  A summary of all the technologies on offer can be found here

CEE can also offer the UTU Falcon arc detection system.  This is a straightforward product which uses point-sensors  to detect the light produced by an arc flash.  Output contacts on the main unit can be used to send alarm or trip signals in the event that light is detected.  Note that the sensor technology used by the UTU Falcon is radically different to the new AP900 / NP900 arc detectors; no attempt should be made to combine the two.