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Technirel Series: Regulators for Generators and Motors
The Technirel brand is dedicated to regulating devices for synchronous and asynchronous generators and motors.  The products in this range are modular and may be customised to suit your application.
The check-synch and automatic synchronisation modules RG81, RG86C and RG87B have been superseded by the "NPRG" products in the NP800 series.
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Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs)
Modular analogue AVR which may be adapted to any size of synchronous generator or motor with any type of excitation. 
PDF, 4.0Mb
Digital excitation controller for medium to large synchronous motors. Includes a rotor current limiter to protect machines from overheating during overload conditions. 
PDF, 0.2Mb
Automatic Voltage Regulator for large synchronous generators or motors employing rectifier bridge exciters. 
PDF, 4.0Mb
Static excitation and AVR systems designed for retro-fitting to older synchronous machines. Fully customisable depending on individual requirements. 
PDF, 0.7Mb
Synchronisation / Check-Synch
For checking synchronisation of generators prior to connection or automatic synchronisation of generators with a network, the "NPRG" relays are recommended.  Refer to the NP800 series homepage for more details on the following products:
Selected relays in the NP900 series also have built-in check-synch capability
AVR / Regulator Extension Modules
Digital potentiometer for remotely adjusting setpoints (voltage, speed, temperature, pressure etc.) on RG600 AVRs.  
PDF, 0.2Mb
Acts upon generator AVRs for voltage and power factor control of a generator connected in parallel with a utility (grid) power supply. 
No Brochure Available
Vector jump protection module.  Fast-acting protection for detecting the loss of grid supply when a generator is run in parallel with a utility (grid) power supply.
PDF, 0.4Mb