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Other Products
CEE offers various products to complement its protection relays.  See below for details of:
Test blocks and plugs
Arc detectors
Programmable Transducers
Current Transformers for CEE products
DC/DC Converters
Test blocks and plugs
Test block and plug
Test blocks can be fitted to your switchgear to allow secondary injection testing of relays without removing them from the panel.  Test blocks must be used in conjunction with the correct type of test plug to connect them to the secondary injection tester. 
"Polarity" test blocks / plugs connect up to 4 volt-free relay contacts
"Current" test blocks / plugs connect up to 4 CT inputs
"Voltage" test blocks / plugs connect up to 4 VT inputs
Download the brochure in pdf format using the link below for more information on CEE test blocks and their applications. 
PDF, 2.2Mb
As a result of customer feedback, the design of our test plugs has changed slightly.  The output connections of the plug now use shrouded "banana plug" connectors which fit most modern secondary-injection test sets without the need for adaptors.   The main body of the plug has not changed and will continue to fit test blocks previously supplied by CEE. See the link below to download a summary sheet explaining the differences between the old and new products.
PDF, 0.4Mb
Arc Detectors
Arc detector
An electric arc short-circuit is an infrequent switchgear fault where an explosion-like heat and pressure effect causes large material damage and jeopardises the safety of operational staff. 

The aim is to protect people and property in the event of an electric arc fault. The protection is established by measuring the light in a panel or switchgear compartment. Unusually bright lights are interpreted as being caused by a electric arc. When the electric arc is detected, the system will quickly give a trigger command to the feedback switch (approximately 1ms). The speed of the trigger is the most decisive factor in the efficient limitation of damage.
An option is available where the arc detector will not initiate a trip unless a sudden increase in current is detected at the same time as light is detected.  This helps to reduce spurious trips caused by other light sources within a panel. 
CEE offers the UTU "Falcon" range of arc detectors, which are capable of protecting multiple compartments in a switchboard using a single base unit and multiple detector heads.  Download the brochure (pdf format, see the link on the left) for more information. 
PDF, 1.9Mb
Do you need a more advanced arc detection system with optional pressure sensors? 
You need the AP900 series of arc protection relays. 
Do you need multi-function protection relays with built-in arc detection capability?  
The NP900 series of relays is the perfect solution.
Programmable Transducers
Programmable Transducer
The TRIAD2 range of transducers allow users to measure up to four separate electrical quantities on single- or three-phase AC systems. They convert the measurements into scaled voltage or current signals (Modbus RTU / Modbus TCP are also available).  They may be factory- or user-programmed.
These products replace the older TRIAD range of transducers
TRIAD2 products are available with many different programming options.  Download the brochure (pdf format, see the link on the left) for more information. 
PDF, 1.7Mb
Current Transformers for CEE products
CEE transformers
Certain CEE products require core-balance current transformers (CBCTs) or interposing phase-shifting current transformers (for transformer differential relays).  These relays are calibrated for very specific types of CBCTs / interposing CTs which may be purchased from CEE.  
Other current transformers for line, neutral or protective conductors may be of any manufacturer or construction provided they meet the correct burden, class, ratio requirements etc.  
CEE also offers low- and medium- voltage current and voltage transformers for more general applications.
Click the link on the left to download a table of CBCTs compatible with each CEE product. Each CBCT is available in various dimensions and with 100:1 or 1500:1 turns ratios.
PDF, 0.3Mb
Phase-shifting CTs are only required for the DTT7031 relay; drawings and connection diagrams for the CTs protecting various types of transformer are included in the DTT7031 brochure, which may be downloaded here.
Do you need low- or medium-voltage current or voltage transformers for other protection or measurement applications?  See the current and voltage transformers page.
DC / DC Converters
If your switchboard has only a 24VDC auxiliary power supply available, CEE's CTC7000 converter can step up the voltage to 48VDC to power protection relays.  This unit uses the "R-Case" modular design, allowing it to be mounted in a rack with other R-Case relays or on its own.  
Click the link on the left to download a connection diagram of the CTC7000.  This product is available in 15W or 25W versions and features auxiliary contacts to signal when the incoming power supply has been lost. 
PDF, 0.1Mb
What if there is no auxiliary power supply available?  Consider the BAT7001 system to provide auxiliary power directly from your phase CTs.