Time Delay Relays TTT7000 series
The TTT7000 series of timer relays (ANSI code 2) are available in several different variants:

TTT7111 Timer (delay on operation) 
TTT7112 Timer (delay on drop off) 

TTT7114 (Timed output pulse duration)
TTT7118 Timer (delay on operation with longer time ranges, see below) 
TTT7121 Timer (delay on operation with two sets of inputs and outputs, not available in 6-60s or 15-150s time ranges)

Each variant is available with different time ranges: 0.1-1s / 0.3-3s / 0.6-6s / 1-10s / 3-30s / 6-60s or 15-150s. Except for the TTT7118 which has the following ranges available: 1-99s / 2-198s / 1-99mins / 2-198mins.

See the Auxiliary Relay page for a full brochure.