Single-phase Secondary Tester: TD1000Plus
TD1000Plus is a single-phase commissioning test set for testing relays and transducers where a high output current is required.  This set has two current outputs for testing differential functions on protection relays. 
Main Features:  
Multi-tasking test set designed for testing relays and transducers 
Built-in HMI
Two current outputs and high power at 15 Hz 
Max current output: 250 A 
Max AC voltage output: 250 V 
Max DC voltage output: 300 V 
Frequency generator: 15 - 550 Hz 
Phase angle shifter 
Battery simulator 20 - 260 V DC 
Oscilloscope function for current and voltage 
USB port for linking to a computer; this device may be controlled via the TDMS software.
Test results and settings saved into local memory.