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SMARTline Relay Setting and Analysis Software
SMARTline (Setting, Measurement, Analysis, Recording, Time-saving) is a new suite of software providing user-friendly configuration tools for CEE products.  
It comprises both SMART9 for the NP900 range as well as SMARTsoft for NP800 range and for specialist Railway protection relays.
Smart9 screenshot
SMART9 is the latest generation of relay setting software, designed specifically for use with the NP900 range of relays.  
It comprises all the standard features available on the NP900 display screen:
  • Choose how to display system parameters on the relay display screens
  • Select relay display language
  • Get real-time readings of all measured parameters
  • Configure alarm and trip settings and logical functions
SMART9 can also do much more:
  • Save relay configuration files onto a PC
  • Interrogate multiple NP900 relays via an Ethernet network
  • Observe and analyse recorded faults and disturbances (in COMTRADE format)
  • Diagnostic tools and wiring checks for commissioning activities
SMARTsoft is the precursor to SMART9; it is compatible with relays in the NP800 range and the specialist Railway protection relays.  
SMARTsoft can:
  • Connect to a single relay via RS232 (a USB adaptor may be required for your PC)
  • Save, load and modify relay configurations
  • View the relay's disturbance log
  • Get real-time readings of all the relay's measured parameters