Several of the settings of the IMM7000 series are factory set and the relay needs to be interrogated to find out what these are set to. The relay's display can display one of 22 different settings, selected using the push button to its left. The locked rotor settings, ILR>/Ith and t(ILR>), are read directly from the display, whereas the other factory set options are shown using the Options Code (n.nn). The first number can be between 0 and 7 and shows whether the pump un-priming function (I<) is enabled and what the cooling time constant is:
Cooling time constant 
I< out of service 
I< in service 
0 4
2.t 1 5
4.t 2 6
6.t 3 7
The table above shows the meaning of the first digit.  
The second two digit number (between 0 and 32) shows which special option (if any) has been selected. These options are explained on the 2nd page of the relay's wiring diagram and in more detail on pages 4 and 12 of the IMM7900 Commissioning Instructions (see below).
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