This is explained in the commissioning instructions in full. Both the time and current settings are set using the DIP switches on the faceplate of the relay using the formulae quoted on the faceplate. 
The formulae for the overcurrent pick-ups include a value "IA", which is quoted on the relay's label. For example, a 5A relay with a (0.25-2)In low-set overcurrent pick-up would have IA=2.5A or IA=0.5In written on the relay's label. A 1A relay with the same setting range would have IA=0.5A, or IA=0.5In written on the label. 
The formulae for the earth-fault pick-ups do not include IA. One of two formulae is quoted on the faceplate, depending on whether the relay is to be residually connected or connected to a core-balanced CT. These formulae include K0, which can be set to one of two values during commissioning. For the lower residually connected setting range or core-balanced CT connection, K0 can be set to 0.1 or 0.2. For the higher residually connected setting range, K0 can be set to 0.2 or 0.4.
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