Modular Analogue AVR: RG600 Series
The RG600 is a modular, customisable analogue system for automatic voltage regulation of synchronous generators or motors.  This system can be adapted to suit any size of synchronous machine with any kind of excitation.

The main module must be associated with the following; a trigger module, a rectifier module and a stepdown power transformer. Additional regulation or limitation modules may be added: 

- MF61-R 3: Phase measurement. 
- MF62-R: Rotor limitation. 
- MF63-R: Stator limitation. 
- MF64-R: Recopy / Redundancy. 
- MF67-R: Absorbed reactive power limitation. 
- MF68-R: Under / Over current excitation relay. 

ANSI function: 90

This series of products is part of the Technirel range, offering a variety of regulators for synchronous machines.