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Standalone program: PTW Viewer
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PTW Viewer is the perfect tool to provide an interactive electrical model to your customers. Rather than paging through long reports, your customers can display results on the interactive single-line diagram, view time-current curves, print arc flash labels, and many other activities. With the Viewer there is no chance of inadvertent modifications to the power system model.

PTW Viewer is a tool that can be used by anyone to easily grasp the content of an existing power system model without having to purchase the full PTW software package! 
Note: DC Arc Flash results are not available with PTW Viewer and will require purchase of the full version of the software. Contact us for pricing.

Do you need to enter data into a PTW model as well as view it?  Consider the PTW Data Collection program.
Key Features
  • Open, view, print, and export all study results from any project without a full version of PTW. 
  • Create new single-line diagrams from existing components and expand the existing SLDs. 
  • Modify or create new datablocks and apply them to any SLD and TCC. 
  • Adjust component position in existing SLDs and add annotations. 
  • View different scenarios created from the base project and compare the results of multiple scenarios in the Data Visualizer. 
  • Create customised Arc Flash labels, print Warning Labels and Work Permits. 
  • Access to the Component Editor to view specifications of each component for all designs and projects. 
  • View tabular and graphical representations of completed studies.