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Data Exchange Module
Updated for 2019!
New for 2019
PTW's Data Exchange module (formerly known as "SPEL data exchange") now includes the ability to import data from or export data to REVIT as well as SPEL.  
SKM has produced an explanatory video, available here (external site).
Available in PTW version onwards.  
The Data Exchange Module enables electrical engineers to import electrical equipment data and connections into PTW projects from SmartPlant Electrical (SPEL) or Autodesk REVIT conveniently and accurately. Once imported, engineers can then conduct various complex analyses using PTW's calculation engine. The results are saved in the project database and can be exported back to the SPEL database or REVIT project from which the PTW project was created. 

This module is invaluable to leverage the power of PTW, SPEL and REVIT software for planning, designing, maintaining and operating a complex electrical distribution system.
1. Different software packages work complimentary to each other by supporting each other's strengths. 
2. Automate work processes. 
3. Comply with corporate or project standards and manipulating electrical data throughout the plant and project life cycle. 
4. Import SPEL or REVIT projects into PTW to take advantage of a powerful calculation engine to conduct various complex analyses of electrical power systems, such as load flow analysis, fault analysis, harmonic analysis, transient stability analysis, cable ampacity calculation, arc flash calculation, reliability evaluation, protective device coordination etc. 
SPEL screenshot
(Left): Once data has been imported into PTW from SPEL databases like this one, it can be used in all standard PTW calculations.  If any changes are made, they can be exported back to the SPEL database.

For example, if PTW calculates that a larger cable size is required for a feeder, it can be exported to SPEL and incorporated into any switchgear compartment drawings, materials lists or other reports generated by SPEL.  This ensures that any new drawings are issued with the latest equipment information.  

Similarly, data imported from REVIT can also be used in PTW calculations.  Any updated data such as cable sizes can then be exported back to REVIT.  
Interface Options
The Data Exchange User Interface allows adding or modifying data fields as data is exchanged between the SPEL and PTW software packages.  Data imported to or exported from REVIT projects is required to be in a specific format, generated automatically by the REVIT plugin or by the PTW Data Exchange module.  

Separately from either SPEL or REVIT, data may also be imported from or exported to SKM .xml files, tab delimited files or .csv (Comma Separated Value) files.