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HI_WAVE Study Module
HI_WAVE simulates resonance and harmonic distortion in industrial, commercial, and utility power systems. 
Harmonic current and voltage sources may be defined at multiple locations in the power system. Capacitor banks, single tune filters and high pass filters may be included in the voltage and current distortion evaluation, impedance resonance scans, and in harmonic load flow results. 
Any type of system design, with any combination of voltage levels may be evaluated with this highly interactive, user friendly software. 
With HI_WAVE, new power systems may be examined before they are built and the harmonic effects addressed during the design. Existing power systems may be studied and corrective filter designs evaluated before they are installed. Every bus and branch in the power system may be quickly evaluated for harmonic content and for resonant impedance characteristics.

A downloadable version of the HI_WAVE brochure is available in PDF format via a link at the bottom of this page. 
Hi_WAVE screenshot
  • Save time and money by trouble-shooting harmonic problems and evaluating alternative solutions quickly. 
  • Improve power system reliability by identifying potential resonance conditions and minimising harmonic distortion. 
  • Minimise I2R heating losses and increase equipment life. 
  • Save money and improve designs by predicting resonance, distortion and filter effectiveness before the system is built.
Harmonic distortion waveform
  • Large library of feeders, transformers, and harmonic sources. 
  • Models radial, loop systems, and multiple independent systems with multiple voltage levels. 
  • Models harmonic voltage sources at buses, and/or current sources at loads and motors. 
  • Automatic modelling of all standard transformer connections, phase shift, and triplet harmonic paths. 
  • Automatic modelling for the positive, negative and zero sequence networks. 
  • User definable utility harmonic impedance. 
  • Models all filters and capacitors in harmonic load flow. 
  • Models loads as series RL or parallel RL at harmonic frequencies. 
  • Models non-linear frequency dependent effects for cables and transmission lines. 
  • Models non-linear frequency dependent effects for transformers. 
  • Harmonic source phase angles included in calculations. 
  • Single tune and high pass filter design calculators. 
  • Calculate telephone interference factors (TIF, IT). 
  • Frequency spectrum and locus plots for current and voltage distortion. 
  • Up to 20 steps per harmonic order frequency scan for all system resonance points with self or mutual impedance options. 
  • Graphical results for voltage and current wave distortion. 
  • Graphical results for voltage and current frequency spectrum in log or linear scale. 
  • Graphical results for impedance frequency scan in log or linear scale. 
  • Comparison of multiple studies on the same graph. 
  • Detailed reports for distortion and frequency scan. 
  • Advanced sparse matrix and current injection techniques provide extremely fast solution times. 
  • Comprehensive documentation with teaching tutorial.
A downloadable version of the HI_WAVE brochure is available here.
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