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I*SIM Transient Stability Analysis Module
PTW I*SIM is a program for transient stability analysis. It is designed to simulate system response during and after transient disturbances such as faults, load changes, switching, motor starting, loss of utility, loss of generation, loss of excitation, and blocked governor events. I*SIM is designed to study today's most challenging simulation problems in one convenient and easy-to-use program.  

A downloadable version of the I*SIM brochure is available in PDF format via a link at the bottom of this page. 
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  • Simulate complicated disturbances and system responses to design safer and more reliable power systems. 
  • Save time with all IEEE standard exciter, turbine governor and PSS models built-in. 
  • Increase flexibility with a powerful graphical builder for user-defined controllers. 
  • Save time by running multiple case scenarios from a single action. 
  • Communicate designs more easily with professional reports and graphs. 
  • Evaluate alternatives quickly and easily to establish an optimal design
Interface Options
  • Graphical interface for system design, model selection and study results. 
  • Stores multiple study scenarios with dynamic events and outputs graphics for each project. 
  • Expanding tree structure to manage study scenarios. 
  • Copy, paste and rename study scenarios to compare alternative designs. 
  • Run multiple study scenarios as a single action. 
  • Compare results from multiple scenarios on the same graph. 
  • Plot phase and sequence voltage and current, speed, frequency, real and reactive power, rotor angle, voltage angle, torque, Efd, Ifd, Ed", Ed', Eq", Eq', and more.
Custom Models in User-defined Library
  • Choose from over 100 standard models for machines, governors, exciters, power system stabilisers, loads, overcurrent relays, under voltage, under frequency relays, and distance relays. 
  • Graphical drag and drop interface for building custom control block diagrams
Custom Models in User-defined Library
  • Dynamic response to power system disturbances. 
  • Flux-level representation of all machines including induction motors. 
  • Full dynamic representation of independent power systems (no infinite bus required). 
  • Simulate fault conditions and fault clearing for 3-phase, phase-earth, phase-phase-earth bus faults and branch faults anywhere along the line. 
  • Start, trip and reclose induction motors. 
  • Integrated motor parameter estimation for flux-level model. 
  • Frequency dependent network modelling with positive, negative, and zero sequence networks. 
  • Control event sequence with adjustable relay settings. 
  • Simulate load shedding, isolation from utility, transfer switching, loss of excitation, blocked governor, block load changes, motor starting, and fault conditions.
A downloadable version of the I*SIM brochure is available here.
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