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Standalone program: Cable 3D
CABLE quickly solves complex three-dimensional cable pulling tension and sidewall pressure calculations, allowing you to make rapid and accurate design decisions. Don't leave installation to chance.

A full brochure describing this program is available in PDF format via the link at the bottom of this page. 
overhead cable racks
  • Eliminate costly cable damage. 
  • Save time with graphical entry and display. 
  • Communicate designs more easily with professional reports and graphs. 
  • Evaluate alternatives quickly and easily to establish an optimal design. 
  • CABLE is an important tool every power system engineer, designer and contractor needs.
Analysis Options
  • Calculates cumulative pulling tension through each pull profile 
  • Calculates side wall pressure for each segment of the pull profile 
  • Calculates jam ratios, clearances and percent fills 
  • Automatically calculates forward and reverse pulls through each pull profile 
  • Simulates single, triangular, cradled and diamond cable configurations   
  • Suitable for any type of cable and pulling profile
Interface Options
  • Unlimited pulling profiles 
  • Unlimited segments in each pulling profile 
  • Cable, raceway and lubricant library 
  • 3-D graphical display 
  • Extensive on-line help 
  • Simple single-screen interface
A downloadable version of the Cable 3D brochure is available here.
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