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Auto Design Module
New to PTW v8.0
Automatically sizes Cables, Transformers, Buses, and Protective Devices to achieve proper size and ratings that meet criteria limits set by the Equipment Evaluation study. This software is best suited for new system designs or to resolve undersized and/or overdutied equipment for existing systems. Includes user-defined Design libraries to specify equipment that is often purchased.
(Right): Auto Design is linked to the Equipment Evaluation module
NOTE: The Auto Design module works together with the DAPPER and Equipment Evaluation modules. Therefore, both the DAPPER and Equipment Evaluation modules are a requirement to use the Auto Design module.
  • Helps you design safer and more cost effective power systems for low, medium, and high voltage systems. 
  • Works seamlessly with the Equipment Evaluation module
  • Saves you time by automatically entering equipment data for all components based on preset libraries with one click. 
  • Increases flexibility by allowing user defined libraries for cables, transformers, buses, and protective devices.  
  • Increases flexibility by auto designing based on equipment type or equipment manufacturer. 
  • Saves you time by generating a report that compares "As Found" information with "Auto Design" results. 
  • Communicate designs more effectively with professional reports and annotated one-line diagrams. 
  • Allows for consistent designs throughout the system. 
  • Complies with NEC and other requirements.
(Left): Auto Design will compare any suggested changes with the component characteristics which were previously entered into the model. 
Interface Options
  • Intuitive graphical interface enables navigation of device type and generation of study results. 
  • Study Results can be printed in a concise Excel-compatible spreadsheet. 
  • Clear and concise reporting of all equipment in a system.
Study Options
  • Auto size devices with status of "Unknown", "Failed", "Marginal", or "Passed" calculated by the Equipment Evaluation module
  • Design libraries can be set for cables, buses, transformers, and protective devices. 
  • Design libraries can be saved for use in new projects or for company-wide sharing. 
  • Sort library models to be used in auto sizing based on a sizing order in each voltage level. 
  • Auto size using libraries already linked to a device or auto size based on design libraries.