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A_Fault Analysis Module
A_FAULT provides short-circuit calculations in full compliance with the ANSI C37 standards. 
It offers separate solutions for low, medium and high voltage systems and for symmetrical, momentary and interrupting calculations as defined in the standards. 
For medium and high voltage systems, the momentary and interrupting values may be calculated using either the E/X or E/Z methods permitted by the standards. Both AC and DC decrement curves required by the total current rated standard (C37.5) and the symmetrical rated standard (C37.010) are used by the program.

Short circuit calculations to other standards are also available with the following optional modules:

A downloadable version of the PTW_IEC61363 brochure is available in PDF format via a link at the bottom of this page. 
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  • Design safer power systems by calculating equipment ratings per ANSI standards. 
  • Save time by automatically applying ANSI C37 and IEEE 141 multiplying factors to generators and motors. 
  • Increase efficiency with custom data reporting featuring X/R, E/X or E/Z methods and values for the application of low, medium, and high voltage breakers. 
  • Communicate effectively with quality reports.
  • Reports three-phase, phase-earth, phase-phase, and phase-phase-earth fault values. 
  • Reports values for both total current and symmetrical rated breakers. 
  • Models transformer primary and secondary taps and off-nominal rated voltages. 
  • Use either AC/DC, DC only, interpolated or no AC decay options. 
  • Reports calculated remote/local status for each generator. 
  • Interrupting study reports total and symmetrical 2, 3, 5, 8 and 30 cycle values. 
  • Complies with ANSI standards and IEEE recommended procedures. 
  • Provides separate network solutions for reporting X/R values. 
  • Momentary and interrupting studies can report E/X or E/Z values. 
  • Low voltage study complies with ANSI C37.13. 
  • Momentary and interrupting studies comply with ANSI C37.010 and C37.5. 
  • Custom reports using datablocks or crystal reports. 
  • Display study results on the SLD. 
  • User defined pre-fault voltage.
A downloadable version of the A_Fault module brochure is available here.
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