Railway Transformer Protection: PGTN1
The railway transformer relay PGTN1 protects transformers feeding railway catenaries (single 25kV / twin 25kV) at 50 or 60Hz. It may also be used with Scott-type transformers. 
The PGTN1 also features second harmonic filtering and disturbance recording.  It uses an under-impedance element as a backup to the main protection functions. 
As well as the usual protective functions, the PGTN1 relay provides monitoring, measurement and recording of electrical quantities (current, voltage, phase, frequency etc.).

ANSI functions: 
21 / 27 / 50 / 50BF / 51 / 51N / 67

This relay allows communication via Modbus RTU (RS485).  A full brochure is available  on the Railway Industry page.