Advanced Catenary Protection: PDZI800
The PDZI800 monitors AC railway catenaries feeders on conventional networks or those with autotransformers.  It has the following functions:

3 downstream and 2 upstream zones of under-impedance protection [21] 
Overcurrent with 2 phase thresholds [50] [51], with 2 setting groups for each threshold 
Directional with 2 thresholds [32] 
Differential de-icing
Circuit-breaker failure [50BF] 
Catenary undervoltage [27] 

Also available with an optional 3 shot recloser [79] 

Summary of ANSI functions:
21 / 27 / 32 / 50 / 50BF / 51 / 79

These relays are part of the NP800 range, offering multi-function protection and communication via Modbus RTU (RS485) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet).  A full brochure is available both on the NP800 range page and on the Railway Industry page.