Bus-bar Protection: NPV911
The NPV911 is designed to protect bus-bar systems incorporating bus-couplers or multiple power sources.  It can also be used to initiate load shedding or load transfer and can check synchronisation across up to three circuit breakers simultaneously.  This relay is customisable with up to five additional I/O or communication modules.

ANSI functions for NPV911: 
59 / 27 / 59N / 59P / 27P / 47 / 78 / 81O / 81U / 81R / 60 / 74TC / 25

This relay is part of the NP900 range, offering multi-function protection and communication using IEC61850, GOOSE and MODBUS protocols (Ethernet and fibre optic communication options available).  A full brochure is available on the NP900 range page