Motor Protection NPM800 / NPM800R
The NPM800 / NPM800R relays protect high power LV and MV motors against thermal overload, too long start, locked rotor, short-circuit, underbalance, and phase to earth faults. 

ANSI functions for NPM800 / NPM800R: 
49 / 50 / 51N / 37I / 46 / 48 / 51LR / 66 / 5 / 50BF / 86 / 74TC

The NPM800R performs the same functions as the NPM800 but uses the same modular plug-in base design as the 7000 series relays.  Alternatively the NPM800RE also uses the plug-in bases but is 50% wider to accommodate more I/O connections. 

These relays are part of the NP800 range, offering multi-function protection and communication via Modbus (RS485) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet).  A full brochure is available on the NP800 range page