Sensitive Directional Earth Fault NPIHD800-S1
NPIHD800-S1 provides ground fault overcurrent protection for medium and high voltage electrical networks. Designed specifically for non-earthed or high-impedance earthed systems, this multi-function directional relay detects phase to earth faults and supervises trip circuits.  This relay can also initiate load shedding and load restoration; it may be controlled remotely if one of the communications options (Modbus TCP or Modbus RTU) is selected. 

ANSI functions for NPIHD800-S1: 
(51N / 50N or 67G) / 86 / 74TC / 50NBF

This relay is part of the NP800 range, offering multi-function protection and communication via Modbus (RS485) or Modbus TCP (Ethernet).  A full brochure is available on the NP800 range page