Energy Management: NPE915
The NPE915 is an energy management system for recording all major electrical quantities and transmitting the information to a SCADA system. It also has outputs for alarm signals.  Like all products in the NP900 range, it uses a patented frequency-tracking algorithm which guarantees the accuracy of all measurements between system frequencies of 6Hz and 75Hz. This IED can be customised with up to three additional I/O or communication modules. 

ANSI functions for NPE915 (monitoring only; this device will not initiate a trip): 
50N / 67N / 50 / 67 / 21FL / 27 / 59N

Do you need a device to initiate load shedding or manage a dynamic network?  Consider the NPBC915.

This relay is part of the NP900 range, offering multi-function protection and communication using IEC61850, GOOSE and MODBUS protocols (Ethernet and fibre optic communication options available).  A full brochure is available on the NP900 range page