Transformer Protection: NPDT620 / NPDT630
The digital differential protection relays NPDT620 and NPDT630 are designed to provide fast and selective protection of 2 and 3-winding three-phase transformers. 
The NP600 relays can detect various types of fault in the zone to be protected, such as phase-phase faults, inter-winding faults and earth-fault. 
Restricted earth-fault protection (REF), on primary and secondary sides, is available as an optional function for 3-winding transformers. 
In addition to the protection functions, NPDT relays also perform monitoring, measurement and recording of the electrical quantities of the network.

ANSI functions: 
87T / 64REF (option for NPDT 630) + Buchholz and temperature monitoring via digital input.

These relays allow communication via Modbus RTU (RS485).  A full brochure is available  on the Railway Industry page.