Neutral Overcurrent Relay ITG7111
Similar to the ITH7111, the ITG7111 is an overcurrent relay for protecting electrical equipment against zero sequence (earth or ground) faults. Often used on the neutral earthing point of a network. It has an adjustable definite time characteristic and a minimum sensitivity of 7A (primary current).

Supplied with a specific type of CEE ring transformer, of either opening or non-opening type. 
Available internal diameter is in the range of 25 to 245 mm. 
ANSI function: 51N

The instantaneous version of this relay, ITG7011, is no longer available as the ITG7111, when set to its minimum time delay, will perform the same function.

Do you need a sensitive earth-fault relay?  Consider the ITH7111.

Phase overcurrent relays are available in the ITG7000 series. 

A full brochure is available on the homepage for Static relays.