Overcurrent Relays ITG7000 series
Overcurrent relays providing instantaneous or definite time protection against phase or earth faults, with either one or two pick-up
levels. They can be installed in all types of climatic
conditions. Various pickup levels and time settings are available.

ANSI codes: 50 or 50N or 51 or 51N

The ITG7114 model is a special version which is desensitised to the third harmonic and is specifically designed for zero-sequence overcurrent protection of alternators and transformers. (ANSI code 51)

Are you looking for an undercurrent relay?  See the ITG7118.  Overcurrent relays with IDMT curves are covered in the ITG7xx5 / xx6 brochure.

If you need a neutral overcurrent relay, consider the ITG7111.

See the homepage for Static relays for the full brochure.  These relays are included in the general ITG7000 series brochure.