Three-phase Secondary Injection: DRTS64
A secondary injection tester for testing protection relays, energy meters, transducers and power quality meters. Similar to the DRTS66 but with fewer voltage outputs (limiting the range of differential relays which may be tested). It may be controlled directly from the HMI on the front, or via a link to a computer. 
Main Features:  
Direct manual control via HMI
Simultaneously available: 6 Current and 4 Voltage plus 1 battery simulator outputs 
High current outputs : 6 x 32 A, (3 x 64 A,1 x 128 A)* 
High power outputs: 6 x 430 VA, (3 x 860 VA, 1 x 1000 VA)** 
Voltage outputs: 4 x 300V at 100 VA 
High accuracy outputs: better than 0.05% 
IEC 61850 protocol interface 
USB and Ethernet interface 
Pen drive interface 
End to end test with GPS or IRIG-B 
Advanced testing and data management software TDMS 
Complete library of relays from all major manufacturers

*:  Connect current outputs in parallel to increase current; connected outputs must be in phase.
**: Connect current outputs in series to increase power; connected outputs must be in phase.