Three-phase Secondary Injection: DRTS34
This secondary injection tester has 3 channels and is designed for testing protection relays, energy meters, transducers and power quality meters. It may be controlled directly from the HMI on the front, or via a link to a computer.  For testing three-phase differential relays, consider the DRTS66.
Main Features:  
Direct manual control via HMI
Simultaneously available: 3 Current and 4 Voltage plus 1 battery simulator outputs. 
High current outputs : 3 x 32 A, (1 x 96 A)*
High power outputs: 3 x 430 VA, (1 x 1000 VA)**
Voltage outputs: 4 x 300V at 100 VA 
High accuracy outputs: better than 0.05% 
IEC 61850 protocol interface 
USB and Ethernet interface 
Pen drive interface 
End to end test with GPS or IRIG-B 
Advanced testing and data management software TDMS 
Complete library of relays from all major manufacturers.

*:  Connect current outputs in parallel to increase current; connected outputs must be in phase.
**: Connect current outputs in series to increase power; connected outputs must be in phase.