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Auxiliary Relays, Timers and Latching Relays
TAX relay
Auxiliary relays do not perform protective functions themselves but add additional logical functions to protection systems when combined with protection and measurement relays. 
CEE can offer a range of auxiliary relays including those that are designed to fit in the standard modular cases ("R-case") or products for mounting within control panels. 
Click on the links below to download the individual brochures (in PDF format).
R-Case Relays
Auxiliary DC power supply for circuit breakers and protection relays, powered from line CTs
PDF, 2.2Mb
Do you need to convert a 24VDC supply to 48VDC?  Consider the CTC7000.
Trip and Lock-out relays with either manual reset (RAD 7000 series) or electrical reset (RADE7010).  These products are also used in conjunction with protection relays that have output contacts which are too weak to operate a circuit breaker trip coil. 
PDF, 0.8Mb
The TAA range of Instantaneous relays with DC coils; available with or without flags
PDF, 0.3Mb
Trip circuit supervision relay
PDF, 0.5Mb
The TTT range of timer relays including time-on delay, time-off delay and timed signal duration variants
PDF, 0.7Mb
Relays for panel mounting
Adjustable time-on or time-off delay timers with ranges between 12ms and 42 hours
PDF, 0.6Mb
Latching relays with electrical reset.  Similar to the R-case version (RADE7010)
PDF, 0.4Mb
Instantaneous relays with changeover contacts
PDF, 0.7Mb
Time-lag relays with adjustable pulse duration
PDF, 0.7Mb
Please note: As of 2018, the AF440 and ABF series of relays have been discontinued.  Instead we recommend the RADE and RAG relays respectively.  Further details are given on our obsolete products page.