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Resources for PTW Users
This page is designed to provide information for existing users of SKM Power*Tools for Windows (PTW) or other SKM software products.  If you do not yet have PTW and would like to learn more, a full description is available here.  
Downloads: Power*Tools for Windows
Full installation files and update patches are available.  These files are currently being migrated between servers and therefore any links you may have received previously will no longer work.  Please Contact Us for links to the latest downloads. 

Do not use the update patches to update from V7.0 to V8.0. The update patches must only be used when updating from one revision of V7.0 to another revision of V7.0. 
If you are updating from one revision to another, after making sure the software isn't already running, simply extract the files into the program directory. Some of these files are self-extracting ZIP files (.EXE), and some are standard ZIP files (.ZIP). 
If you would like to update your company's contact details, then please visit the Register PTW page of our website. 
If you have any problems installing or using PTW, please contact us or see the PTW FAQs section below. 
Power*Tools for Windows (PTW) V8.0
Please contact us before upgrading from V7.0 to V8.0
PTW downloads are being migrated between servers.  Please Contact Us for links to the latest downloads. 
Power*Tools for Windows (PTW) V7.0
Please contact us before upgrading from V6.5 to V7.0
Power*Tools for Windows (PTW) V6.5
Older version of PTW; lacks some features of V7.0 and V8.0
Downloads: Other Software
Full installation files can be downloaded from the SKM servers; please Contact Us for links.  Please note that the "PTW Data Collection" and "PTW Viewer" programs are actually part of the main PTW program.  Therefore users should download PTW version 8.0.  PTW Viewer is available as part of both V7.0 and V8.0; if your project is being edited using PTW V7 and you wish to keep using V7 then PTW Viewer must also be version V7.
PTW Data Collection
Download PTW V8.0 via link, above
PTW Viewer
Download PTW V8.0 or V7.0 via one of the links, above
PTW downloads are being migrated between servers.  Please Contact Us for links to the latest downloads. 
Ground Mat
Independent from PTW. Use link on the left to download
Independent from PTW. Use link on the left to download
Independent from PTW. Use link on the left to download
Frequently Asked Questions
The following links display useful articles that might help you to use PTW more effectively. If the answer you are looking for isn't here, then please telephone or contact us and we will be happy to help you. If you need to send us a copy of your project, the best method is to create a backup.
V8.0 of PTW has now been released and many new features have been included. All users with a current update and maintenance agreement are being sent a link to download it.  A summary of the differences between version V7.0 and V8.0 is available to download here.

Installation Questions

General Questions

Problems Opening or Using Projects

Library Questions

Modelling Questions

Single-Line Diagram Questions

Study Questions

CAPTOR Questions

Report and Datablock Questions

Training Courses
Are you a new PTW user or do you just want to brush up your skills?  Maybe you have just purchased a new module and need to know how it works.  CEE Relays can offer training courses tailored to your specific needs.  
Courses are generally between one and four days in length and fall broadly into one of two categories:

An Introduction to PTW
Intended for novice users of PTW who want to start being productive as quickly as possible.  Covers essential topics such as populating the Single-Line Diagram view, entering equipment data and running studies.  Notify us in advance if your delegates have previous experience of similar programs or older versions of PTW so that we can adjust the course content accordingly.  The exact course programme will vary depending on which PTW modules you have purchased. 

Advanced Techniques
Intended for experienced users who want to get more out of PTW or find themselves modelling particularly complex or unusual projects.  Notify us in advance if there are any specific topics you would like your course to cover.

We can run training courses either at your premises or at our head office in Slough.  Durations depend largely on how many PTW modules you are using and how many delegates you wish to send.  We recommend that all delegates are of roughly the same level of experience with PTW; it is inadvisable for novices and experienced users to attend the same course.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more.