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PROCOM Series of Relays
All PROCOM relays are multi-function and can be connected to a J-bus/0-20mA communications network.  Some more advanced relays in the series support MODBUS RTU communication via serial (RS485) connectors.
They can be set either using the faceplate or the "Prosetting" or "SmartSoft" software packages.
Please contact us if you are interested in our Prosatin SCADA systems.
With the exception of the IMM8001 / IMM8002, relays in this series use a modular plug-in base design ("R-case") in one of four standard widths. They may be individually or rack-mounted.
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Relay Communication Devices
The BAI7001 is an amplification and interface device designed to provide the 0-20mA current required in a communications loop for PROCOM devices.  
PDF, 2.2Mb
Are you looking to interface older serial-link products with more modern communications systems?  Ask us about the PS8000 system.
Automation Relays
The AMS7000 is a programmable relay that can control the network and measure its performance. The user programs the AMS7000's EEPROM using the LAMS1 language. All events are dated. The AMS7000 also can supervise up to 6 PROCOM relays installed on a network. Two variants are available:
AMS7001 (Digital Automation / Control) with two voltage inputs
AMS7002 (Digital Automation / Control and Measurement) with one voltage and one current input. 
PDF, 0.5Mb
Measurement Relays
The CMS7003/ CMS7004 are measurement centres for three-phase networks with digital signal processing. They measure and calculate approximately 90 electrical quantities, which make it possible to quantify the power quality of an electrical distribution network, and to know the amplitude or harmonic of any source of distortion.  These relays may also be programmed to activate load shedding if required.
PDF, 0.8Mb
Differential Relays
The DMS7000 range provides differential protection of transformers (DMS7002), synchronous motors and alternators (DMS7001).
The DMS7001 and DMS7002  provide the following functions: 
- internal correction of amplitude and phase (DMS7002)
- double threshold (differential and over-current) 
- double-slope restraint curve ensuring better stability for external faults 
- 2nd order harmonics filtering (DMS7002) 
- broad range of operation in frequency (8 to 70 Hz) 
- events are automatically time-stamped
PDF, 4.6Mb
Synchronous Motor / Generator Protection
The GMS7000 series provides protection for synchronous generators and motors.  
They perform all the protection and measuring functions associated with large synchronous machines (except differential protection, which remains separate to ensure redundancy).
The GMS7001 is designed to protect generators and the GMS7002 is designed to protect synchronous motors. They function in a broad frequency band (8 to 70 Hz) and include comprehensive trace and event timing functions.
Variants are available with different current and voltage inputs.
PDF, 1.3Mb
Induction Motor Protection Relays
The IMM8000 series is an updated version of the IMM7000 (see below). In particular, it makes it possible to correct the thermal threshold by taking into account the stator's RTDs, to time-stamp events and to provide trace functions. 
Other advantages of the IMM8000 include:
- One relay can be connected to either 1A or 5A CTs. 
- Wide auxiliary supply voltage ranges. 
- Two setting-groups. 
- Motor maintenance information (including number of starts and running hours). 
- Event logging and remote communication. 
- Self-diagnosis. 
- Temperature measurement (IMM8002 only).
PDF, 0.3Mb
The IMM7000 is a series of conventional relays with digital technology providing all the protection and measuring functions making it possible to protect induction motors effectively.
PDF, 0.9Mb
Network Protection Relays
The 700 series of relays are updated, compact versions of the 7000 series.  Certain models of the RMS and TMS 7000 relays are still manufactured as they perform unique functions not available with the RMS and TMS 700 (see below).
-RMS700 relays offer multi-curve overcurrent protection
-TMS700 relays offer under- and over-voltage protection
PDF, 0.6Mb
Multi-curve overcurrent protection with high-power outputs to trip circuit breakers directly.
Also available in the RMST7992 variant which includes thermal protection (see brochure, left)
PDF, 1.7Mb
Multi-curve overcurrent protection powered directly from line CTs (no auxiliary power supply)
PDF, 1.2Mb
Directional overcurrent protection available in two variants:
-RMSD7921 for protection of loops or islanding of networks with multiple power supplies
-RMSD7912 for directional earth fault protection on loops with multiple earth points.
PDF, 0.7Mb
Multi-curve overcurrent protection with automatic re-close facility available in two variants:
-RMSR7991 for protection of radial outgoing feeders in distribution networks. 
-RMSR7992 for protection of incomers in distribution system substations.
PDF, 0.8Mb
Under- and over-voltage protection with high-power outputs to trip circuit breakers directly.
-TMS7003 for three-phase three-wire systems (neutral is not distributed)
-TMS7004 for three-phase four-wire systems (neutral is distributed)
PDF, 1.0Mb