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FAQs: Creating Intelligent Symbols for Transformers
In V4.5, the intelligent transformer symbol was introduced into PTW. This allows the symbol to display the winding configuration as entered in the component editor. Creating a new transformer symbol (or editing an existing one) is as easy as with any other type of symbol using PTW's Symbol Generator. 
Unlike most other symbols, transformer symbols have multiple layers: 
  V4.5.1.0 and later 
V5.0.1.2 and later 
Layer 0 
Main Symbol Main Symbol  
Layer 1 
Primary: delta 
Primary: delta 
Layer 2
Primary: star (unearthed) 
Primary: star (unearthed) 
Layer 3 Primary: star-earth 
Primary: star (solid earth) 
Layer 4 - Primary: star (NER earth) 
Layer 11 Secondary: delta 
Secondary: delta 
Layer 12 Secondary: star (unearthed) 
Secondary: star (unearthed) 
Layer 13 Secondary: star-earth 
Secondary: star (solid earth) 
Layer 14 - Secondary: star (NER earth) 
Layer 21 Tertiary: delta 
Tertiary: delta 
Layer 22 Tertiary: star (unearthed) 
Tertiary: star (unearthed) 
Layer 23 Tertiary: star-earth 
Tertiary: star (solid earth) 
transformers only
Layer 24 - Tertiary: star (NER earth) 
Layer 0 is always shown on the SLD, together with two or three other layers to illustrate the winding configuration entered in the component editor. 
You can switch between active layers in the Symbol Generator program using the menu option Symbol>>Set Active Layer.  For more information on changing symbols in PTW, click here.