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FAQs: Associating Single-Line Diagrams (SLDs) with Time-Current Curves (TCCs)
For a long time, it has been possible to associate single-line drawings (SLDs) with Time-Current-Coordination curves (TCCs), for use with the Group Print facility. However, from version V6.0 onwards PTW can automatically create small SLDs that only show the devices added to the TCC, and display these as thumbnail sketches in CAPTOR. 
Creating new TCCs 
The easiest way to create a new TCC is to open your main SLD, highlight the components that you want on the TCC, and then click on the "Go To TCC Drawing" icon (a TCC with a horizontal red arrow on it). 
(Right): The "Go to TCC Drawing" icon is shown here, highlighted with a red circle.
This will bring up a TCC dialogue box, at which point you should click "New". PTW will then ask you whether it should create a new SLD, and associate it with the new TCC. You should click "Yes". It is important to include "non TCC components" such as busbars when selecting the components to be added to the TCC, otherwise they will not appear in the thumbnail TCC. 
Associating existing TCCs and SLDs 
If you have a project created in an older version of PTW (V5.0 or older), then you might not have small SLDs associated with TCCs. The first step in getting CAPTOR to display a thumbnail sketch is to create a new SLD, and then copy and paste the relevant components onto the new SLD. Then open the TCC in CAPTOR, and associate the TCC with your new SLD (menu option Settings>>Associate One-Line Diagram). 
Adding non-TCC components to a TCC SLD 
If you created your new TCC by only adding components that would be displayed on the TCC and not including "non TCC components", such as busbars, then CAPTOR's thumbnail sketch will look incomplete. This is easily rectified by opening the thumbnail SLD in the same way that you would open any other SLD, and then using the Component>>Expand command.  All intermediate, non-TCC components will then be shown on the TCC SLD.