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FAQs: Single-Line Drawings (SLDs) Display Incorrectly
Occasionally, PTW might display an SLD forced into one corner or one edge of the available area (even when View>>Zoom All has been used). This is probably because the project was imported from V3.8 and that version has caused a slight problem in recording invisible datablocks or textblocks. There are a number of possible solutions to your problem. 
Display hidden datablocks 
Edit>>Select All followed by OneLine>>Datablocks>>Visible (see screenshots below). The problem might be caused by PTW trying to display an invisible datablock that has been accidentally moved far away from its component. The solution is to simply move the errant datablock closer to its component. 
(Left): With your Single-Line Drawing open in PTW, use the "Select All" option to select every item in the drawing.
(Right): With all components selected, use the "Visible" option to make all datablocks in the SLD visible. 
Display hidden nametags 
Open your SLD and use the menu option Edit>>Select All followed by OneLine>>Nametags>>Visible. This is for the same reason as for the datablocks above. (See the screenshot below). 
(Left): With all components selected, use the "Visible" option to make all nametags in the SLD visible. 
(Right): It is possible to accomplish both the steps above at the same time by using the "Datablocks and Nametags" menu with all components selected in the SLD.  
Copy the components to another SLD 
Use your mouse to drag a box around the visible components and click on Edit>>Copy. Then open a new SLD (menu option Document>>OneLine... followed by the New button) and paste (Edit>>Paste) the components into the new drawing. Do not use Edit>>Select All before copying because you might select a problem textblock. 
(Left): Copying your components to another SLD can help you to correct display problems.  Note that PTW does not permit one component to appear in the same SLD more than once; you might find it easier to create a new SLD to paste into (as per the procedure above) rather than adding to an existing one.
Recreate the SLD on another drawing 
This will definitely solve your problem, but might take you longer than the previous steps. Create a new SLD (menu option Document>>OneLine... followed by the New button), insert the main busbar onto the drawing (Component>>Existing) and expand this up (Component>>Expand, see the screenshot below) to recreate your network again. This will involve re-spacing your drawing.  Text boxes and links to other SLDs will have to be re-created manually. 
(Left): Using the "Expand" option with a bus-bar selected will automatically display all components connected to that bus on the SLD. The "Expand" feature works on any component, allowing you to display other items in your network hierarchy as needed.