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FAQs: Copying Devices between Libraries
Devices can be copied from one library file to another (alternatively two library files can be merged together). The important thing to remember is that both library files (the source and destination files) must be open at the same time.  The procedure for copying devices between libraries is as follows:

1) Check the location of your project’s library file using Project >> Options >> Current Project Libraries.

2) Open that library file using Document >> Library >> PTW Library (we will refer to this as the destination library).
3) Open the library that you would like to copy from (we will refer to this as the source library) following the instructions in step 2.

4) Confirm that both library files are open by clicking on the Window menu.  The screenshot below shows that two library (.lib) files are open. 
5) Using the Window menu (see the screenshot in step 4, above) ensure that the source library is active, click on the + icon next to CAPTOR, use the + icons to navigate to the correct part of the library and highlight the devices that you would like to copy.
6) Right mouse click on the highlighted devices and select copy.
7) Use the Window menu to activate the destination library.
8) Navigate to the correct part of the destination library as explained in step 5. 
9) Right mouse click and select paste.
All the copied devices should now exist in both libraries.  Note that it is only possible to copy one type of device at a time (for example: "all low voltage fuses" or "all LV copper cables"). Therefore this process may need to be repeated more than once, depending on how many types of components need to be copied. 

If all you need is a straight copy of an entire library, it is easier to find the file in Windows Explorer and make a copy of the file with a new filename.  If you don't know where your library file is located, see this FAQ.

A downloadable PDF file summarising these instructions is available via the link below: