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FAQs: Changing Between Hardware Keys and Software Keys
PTW uses either a hardware key ("dongle") or a software key to enable the software. The first time that PTW is run, users are prompted to select what type of key should be used. After that, PTW uses the same protection each time it is run, because this setting is stored in the System Registry.  This also applies to other SKM software (GroundMat, ArcCalc, Cable3D).  Depending on which programs you have installed, use one (or both) of the following methods to change between hardware and software keys: 
PTW, GroundMat or Cable3D:
The way to change from a hardware key to a software key is to delete the PTW Registry Key. This is done by running the RegDel.exe program and selecting the "Hardware/Software Key Preference Only" option (V4.5 and later). Please note that each user (Windows NT, 2000 or XP) has his/her own registry entry, so make sure that the RegDel program is run with the correct user logged in. 
Next time PTW is started, it will ask whether a hardware key or a software key should be used in the same way that it did when it was first run. 
If you are using PTW V4.0 or earlier, the "Hardware/Software Key Preference Only" option is not available. In this case, the "All settings" option should be selected. This will also reset other minor options to their default values.
Registry Cleanup Utility
(Left): Screenshot of the RegDel program.  This example shows PTW Version V7.0 which includes the option for "Hardware / Software key preference only". 
For Arc Calc, the ArcCalc.ini file must be edited. 
Depending on the Operating System that you are running, the ArcCalc.ini file can be in one of two locations: 
  1. C:\Windows\ArcCalc.ini 
  2. C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Windows\ArcCalc.ini 
Using Notepad (or similar), edit the ArcCalc.ini file, so that the number is a zero: